You can become the most excellent engineer in the field of computer-aided design in our laboratory.
You will have all experiences described below, such as top-class international conferences, internship experiences, and detailed discussions with lab members.
Just contact Prof. Youngsoo Shin (youngsoo at or the lab coordinator (ars0130 at 
Also, you may come to our office (S204 NanoFab center, KAIST) any time
This could be your space

Use multiple monitors with one desktop in your private and wide space. We support one brand-new laptop for every Ph.D student. Join and have your own Macbook, Surface, anything.

Our laboratory has no noise which may interrupt your concentration. In this working environment, you can study your research work as you would like.

Enjoy your hobby, sports, and club activities after daytime works. No one impose overtime works.
Love to discuss

Based on equal relationship, we enjoy free discussion among students and with Prof. Shin. You can find a problem in any topic, and organize working group consisting of 2 or 3 students. We study together to solve the problem. 

There are many tools for semiconductor design. But don't worry about the difficulties. Everyone answers your questions very kindly.

We have regular seminar by ourselves and frequent special seminars from global scholars. These activities will satisfy your intellectual curiosity.

Prof. Shin shares a lot of time with students for a discussion. You can visit his office any time and make any argument with him. Talking with our professor will make your thinking more free and strong.
Enjoy μComputing Lab.

Enjoy special dinner all together every month.
There are many unknown and good restaurants in Daejeon, and you will feel the pleasure in finding and enjoying them with us. At the dinner, we celebrate special events, such as graduation, paper acceptance, and marriage, etc. 

We prepare a cake and juice for birthday party, and sing a song and take a picture. We sometimes refresh ourselves with group activities, such as futsal, basketball, and badminton, which make our members more close, and release our tension. 

Annual event, 'Homecoming Party', is a good chance to meet alumni in industry. We enjoy many games, sports, and outdoor barbecue, in which we keep the human network with senior members. The advice from alumni will be helpful for your future plan.

Global experiences

Have a lot of internship opportunities. By working with engineers in industry, you can get practical experiences that are not obtained by studying on a desk. Our students go internship to:
  • IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (NewYork, US)
  • IMEC (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Samsung semiconductor (Hwasung, Korea)
  • LG electronics (Seoul, Korea)
Try to attend international conferences for presenting your work. In 2016, 16 papers have already been accepted to various international conferences. This figure represents our research achievements and our global experiences. Leave your name in conference papers and have presentation in front of many audiences.

In addition to writing papers, attending scholarship program is another way to go to international conference (e.g., Ph.D forum and Richard Newton young fellow award). We also support this kind of opportunities.