We are currently recruiting new members.
Here are some facts about our group that you may concern.
(This page shows information about our lab life rather than research. If you want to check our research field, please go to RESEARCH)

If you have questions, or are interested in our group, please feel free to contact.
Our group is open to anyone, at anytime.

  • This could be your seat
Look at this perfectly organized desk!
Everyone in Micro Computing Lab uses this large desk.
Show your ability to organize your desk if you join our group!

We usually use more than one monitors.
The first one is for the research purpose.
The second one is... also for research.
The third one is... for... also research! You know that!

  • We love to discuss
We also have a meeting room for discussion.
You can discuss freely with other colleagues whenever you want.
Look at those shining eyes!
They are so happy to discuss with each other.

  • We make questions whenever we want
One of our group members is asking a question to his colleague.
He is pointing his finger to the screen showing a very complicated image (you should have no idea...).
However, the guy answering the question looks like having a real fun.
What an engineer!
  • We know how to enjoy
Every month, our group members go out for a nice dinner.
We enjoy delicious foods like Korean barbecue, octopus soup, etc.
People inside this photo looks quite satisfied after having a tasty meal!
After dinner, you can go for another drink, or even go to the karaoke if you want.
  • We do group activities
We often refresh ourselves with group activities.
We play soccer, futsal occasionally.
We sometimes also visit batting range to release our tension.
We also have an annual event named "homecoming party", in which every alumni and current group members gather and enjoy outdoor barbecue, sport activities, etc.

  • We experience outside world
We have lots of internship opportunities.
Every member in our group does internship for at least one time.
We mainly do internship in IBM T.J. Watson Research Center,
Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, IMEC, etc.
You can go wherever you want!

  • We attend lots of conferences
We make a lot of effort to attend conferences.
We submit plenty of papers to conference, apply for every PhD forum, and even apply for scholarship programs for example Richard Newton Young Fellow Award @ DAC.
The good thing is, if your paper or application is accepted, you will travel abroad to attend the conference.
All the expenses for travel (flight, accommodation, etc.) will be covered by our group or school.
You will have a lot of good memories!