Seungwhun Paik
(백승훈, 白承勳)
Senior R&D engineer, Synopsys
Curriculum Vitae (as of July 2011)

Personal Information
  • Date of Birth: May 22nd, 1980
  • Place of Birth: Taegu, Korea
  • Hobbies: Basketball, Movie, Go (바둑)
  • Religion: Christianity

  • Daejon Science High School (TSHS 13th) (1996.3 ~ 1998.2)
  • KAIST, Dept. of EE B.S. (1998.3 ~ 2006.8)
  • KAIST, Dept. of EE M.S.-Ph.D Joint Program (2006.9 ~ 2011.08)

Miscellaneous Experiences
  • MicroWeb as a hardware engineer (2002.1~2002.9)
  • PDI-ATC as an application & system engineer (2002.10~2006.1)
  • H.264 Decoder chip project: intra predictor (2006.3~2006.8)
  • DAC summer school (DASS) (2007.6.2~3)
  • SIGDA CADathlon @ ICCAD (2008.11.9)
  • ACM Student Research Competition @ DAC (2010.6)
  • Internship @ IBM ARL (2010.11~2011.1)

Research Interests
  • •ABB with mixed Vt, Sleep vector optimization of ZPG circuits
  • •Pulsed-latch circuits for optimizing conventional ASIC
  • •High-level synthesis
  • •Wakeup synthesis of power-gated circuits

  • Journal Papers
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  • Conference Papers
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